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Your portable language tutor

Revolutionary Language Learning Method is Finally Available!

  • Effortless Learning: Learn 40+ languages in 30 days! Designed by our top scientific minds Lingoget uses REVOLUTIONARY speech recognition technology to make learning fast and effortless.
  • Speak Like Native: Lingoget will allow you to learn everything you need for the everyday conversations. Speak any language without a hint of accent and dazzle your friends!
  • Master the Language: 10 000+ words, 3 lightning-fast language courses: forget books and tests, Lingoget is the NEW way to master ANY language!

3 Courses: From Beginner to Master

NO time, NO effort, NO tedious cramming! Become polyglot in 30 days or less!

  1. 1
    You will learn over a 1000 common words of any language
  2. 2
    Use short phrases and navigate up to 98% of most common real-life conversations!
  3. 3
    Get that promotion you deserve, impress your peers, forget social awkwardness - you have MASTERED a foreign language and speak BETTER than a native!

See it in action

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Forget Expensive Lessons and Tedious Tests: There is a New, Innovative Way to Learn!

  • 3 Courses, 40+ Languages, 10 000+ Words

    Lingoget is your own portable speaking partner who will teach you 40+ languages! This innovative state-of-the art gadget was carefully designed as an OPTIMAL LEARNING SOLUTION by the top specialists in Europe. Lingoget uses a revolutionary speech recognition technology to help you learn spoken language with a press of a button!

  • Exclusive Linguistic Innovation

    Traditional learning methods rely on grammar cramming, mind-numbing tests and time consuming busy-work; Lingoget’s new, innovative language teaching solution cuts out the tedium. Learn a new language tedium-free in 30 days or less!

  • Take Control and Command Spoken Language

    There is nothing worse as making a FOOL of yourself by awkwardly mumbling in a language YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW! Lingoget will help to put all those fears to rest. Forget the awkwardness: Lingoget will help you DOMINATE conversations with flawlessly pronounced foreign diction!

  • From Beginner to Master

    Starting with 0 knowledge is not an obstacle: our testing shows that a person can learn words and phrases needed for the 98% of the most common everyday conversations in less than a month! Listen, speak and improve - using Lingoget’s 3 extensive language learning courses is the fastest way to learn real-life conversation skills today.

Receive 50% OFF discount if you order now! Hurry up - while stock lasts!
Get -50% discount

Fast, Easy, Reliable: Groundbreaking linguistic innovations

Why should you choose Lingoget?

Traditional Learning Methods
Revolutionary Lingoget Method

Endless tests, grammar cramming and STRESSFUL evaluations: it takes time, it takes effort, it is easy to FAIL. How many new year's resolutions must you break?

Simple & Effortless

Lingoget was developed by the top people in linguistics and neuro-science to make language learning FAST, EFFORTLESS and 100% RELIABLE!

No Use in Real World

Got through the course, but can’t communicate with real people? Handbooks are good at teaching things in a controlled environment, but the REAL WORLD is nothing like that!

Pronunciation is Key

Lingoget teaches you correct ways to pronounce - you will NEVER AGAIN embarrass yourself by failing at the language you are supposed to know by heart.

Academic, Dry, Outdated

9 times out of 10 the knowledge you gain with regular methods is dry, outdated and POINTLESS even after hours and hours of cramming! No real life use!

Endless Opportunities NOW

After 30 days of using LingoGet you will feel like a true native speaker! It will open countless new doors and EMPOWER you to finally ADVANCE YOUR CAREER!

Slow and Broad

Your trip is tomorrow! You have a meeting with foreign partners in less than a week! Is now the time to learn the tiny details of GRAMMAR and SPELLING?!

Focused on What Matters

Lingoget challenges an outdated notion of broad and directionless learning. Learn laser-focused real-life conversation skills and use them TODAY!

Lingoget: 5 Ways to Learn a Language

On the Go:

Stranded on a bus? Camping in the Great Outdoors? Or simply waiting for your order at the restaurant? Lingoget is small, compact and fits snugly in your pocket. Learn a language at any time, wherever you go!

With Your Kids:

Children learn at a different pace and they DO NOT need distractions. Lingoget offers 3 difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced + it is an AD FREE, premium product. Focus on Learning, not the distractions!

With Your Parents:

Older generations gave us so much and it’s time to offer something in return. Lingoget is a simple, elegant language learning solution: a two button combination is all you need to start your journey! Say no to complexity, complications and fuss. Suitable for all age groups.

On Your Trip:

Best way to put your skills to practice is speaking with foreigners on their own soil. However, practice makes perfect! Dust off your speaking skills and pronunciation while on your trip - we guarantee Lingoget will fit nicely in any luggage!

With Your Friends:

Learning a language is best when you have real-life speaking partners. Lingoget helps your study group to maintain good pronunciation practices, teaches various dialects and an abundance of phrases used in real life conversations. Knowledge is meant to be shared!

Practice speaking in over 30 languages

ar-eg Arabic (Egypt)
ar-sa Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
cs Czech (Czech Republic)
da Danish (Denmark)
de German (Germany)
el Greek (Greece)
en-gb English (United Kingdom)
en-us English (United States)
en-ie English (Ireland)
fi Finnish (Finland)
fr-ca French (Canada)
fr French (France)
hr Croatian (Croatia)
hu Hungarian (Hungary)
id Indonesian (Indonesia)
it Italian (Italy)
ja Japanese (Japan)
ko Korean (South Korea)
nl Dutch (Netherlands)
no Norwegian (Norway)
pl Polish (Poland)
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil)
pt Portuguese (Portugal)
ru Russian (Russia)
sk Slovak (Slovakia)
sv Swedish (Sweden)
tr Turkish (Turkey)
uk Ukrainian (Ukraine)
vi Vietnamese (Vietnam)
es Spanish (Spain)
es-mx Spanish (Mexico)
bg Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
ca Catalan (Spain)
hi Hindi (India)
ms Malay (Malaysia)
ro Romanian (Romania)
sl Slovenian (Slovenia)
ta Tamil (India)
te Telugu (India)
th Thai (Thailand)
zh-hk Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified, Hong Kong)
zh-tw Chinese, Mandarin (Traditional, Taiwan)
he-il Hebrew (Israel)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many languages can I learn?

A: 40 Languages + Dialects! From global languages like French or Spanish to local ones like Telugu or Egyptian Arabic - Lingoget has you covered!

Q: Do I need a special adapter?

A: Not at all! Lingoget comes with micro USB cable and can be charged anywhere. It takes 4 hours to charge it fully. Portability guaranteed!

Q: How is it better than any other language assistant on the market?

A: Lingoget is laser-focused on real-life speaking skills: it teaches you correct phrases, checks your pronunciation, helps to distinguish between words that sound similar even to a native speaker. It is the best portable speaking tutor you could want!

Q: Can my kids / parents use it? They struggle with technology.

A: Absolutely! Lingoget is designed with simplicity in mind. Two button controls: that’s all it takes! Learning a language is hard enough, why make it overcomplicated?

Customer Reviews

User's profile picture
Stella Murray
Facebook logo
5 stars review

The products are excellent, I am very satisfied with my purchase, I recommend it, it is something innovative which will be of great help to you. I hope they keep improving it

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User's profile picture
Avery Navin
Facebook logo
5 stars review

a very good product really surprised what is helping me with my studies because it is great I can study another language and at the same time it helps me with my university, it has seemed so great that I am very excited, I highly recommend it

User's profile picture
Victoria Van
Facebook logo
5 stars review

I really like this tool, it is a novel, useful product, the best language translator I have tried, I recommend it 100%

User's uploaded images
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Laura Torres
Facebook logo
5 stars review

wow, excellent product, good quality material, the best are its functions, it is incredible, it learns the language very quickly, I have learned many words in a short time, the battery lasts a lot, it is really good, I recommend it

User's profile picture
Mauro Nicolas Canseco
Facebook logo
5 stars review

It is an excellent product to carry out your activities outside the home, its design is compact, easy to use and its efficiency is unmatched! You have 4G internet wherever you want, the battery life is long. Recommended!

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
Juan Sanchez Bedoya
Facebook logo
5 stars review

I have been using it for several days and it works very well, it has no loss. It is the best investment of money I have made to learn another language!

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Novy Jala Aldepolla
Facebook logo
5 stars review

LingoGet is such an amazing device , it enables us to communicate with diversites of languages. It is also very portable to bring and the price is affordable.

User's profile picture
Aaron Elcano
Facebook logo
5 stars review

I'm a polyglot aspirant and this product is what I have been looking for. This is an amazing device to speak a new language confidently. No.1 fan here.

User's profile picture
Delgado Ros
Facebook logo
5 stars review

I liked this excellent product since it helped me a lot to learn some words in other languages, I recommend it 100% because it also has a quality customer service and punctual deliveries

User's profile picture
Michelle Santagor
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Its adaptive to one's learning pace and skill and has tons of necessary vocabulary for respective scenarios making it easy and quick to grasp different languages. Absolutely worth it.

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