ENENCE instant translator

Any language any country

Real time two-way translation

Durable design

High sound & recording quality

Engineered to perfection


Up to 4 days of battery life


Saves time & money


Revolutionary speech recognition technology


Ear pleasing sound of smooth conversations


1.5s reaction time for real-time conversations


Intuitive and simplistic device design

Have a real-time two-way communication with any person on this planet

How it works

Order: Place order for your Instant language translator.
Connect: Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi or mobile network and download the MUAMA Enence app.
Speak: Press ME button, speak to the device, release the button once you finished and hear the translation.
Understand: Press the microphone button and let the person speak. Release the button and hear the translation in your language.
User manual

Real Time Two-Way Translator

Have a real time two-way communication with any person on this planet. Simply press the button, speak and get the voice translation in 1.5 seconds.

Stop Struggling with Foreign Language! Speak Any Language in Seconds Not Years!

ENENCE instant translator

ENENCE - a revolutionary device enables you to communicate in 40+ languages around the world faster, easier and cheaper than ever before! Technological breakthrough allows translating your speech in just 1.5s.

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Travel the world with confidence

The chances of facing language barrier while traveling overseas are reasonably high. Instant Translator can prove useful not just to ask for directions, recommendations, but also help in vital emergency situations. All you need to do is press the button, speak and get the voice translation in an instant.